Our Intense color range is extremely versatile. Let us run you through how you could use one colour in multiple applications.

  • Mass Colouration :
    You can mix this in your fondant , butter cream, whipping cream, macaron batter, cake batter, ice cream, cookies, and just about any food item in the making stages.
  • Convert this into edible paints :
    Use our rejuvenator or Bakers spirit, high grain alcohol and convert it into edible paints that dry almost immediately. Ours are the only paste colors that has 100% mixability to give you a thick paint consistency that you can even paint opaque on just about everything including chocolate!
  • Use it with high grain alcohol/ vodka / bakers spirit to make quick airbrush colours that can be used in your airbrush gun. The consistency should be watery and the intensity really depends on what you are aiming at.
  • Use this to colour your buttercream :
    It could be meringue based buttercream or your vegetarian buttercream , our color mixes beautiful with the fats to give you complex and deep colors that are a dream!
  • Using intense color concentrate with whipping cream. :
    It is advisable to tint your thawed whipping cream with our color and let it mature in intensity in the refrigerator, for few hours and then whip. If you are however pressed for time , and have an already whipped cream, use a small amount of whipped cream , incorporate the color in it and then mix the coloured whipped cream to the rest of the cream. This is advisable so that your whipped cream doesn't lose its volume or stiffness, due to over mixing.
  • Using with fondant or gumpaste. :
    These colours mix beautifully with fondant , gumpaste and flower paste or even pastillage . For extremely dark colors try mixing them and letting them mature overnight or even a few hours to get truly intense colors.You can however use them immediately too!
  • With chocolate and cocoa butter :
    It is NOT advisable to use these concentrates directly into melted chocolate or cocoa butter.They are not liposoluble and can have a thin chance of seizing your chocolate.You can However PAINT on chocolate when mixed with rejuvenatoror high grain alcohol. These intense color concentrate are TRULY INTENSE. Little goes a long way!