Easy to use, INTENSE COLOR CONCENTRATE are especially designed for colouring It can be used to colour fondant,sugar work (before or after baking),almond paste, royal icing, buttercream, cake mix, macarons, decorating gel, candy, modeling chocolate etc. Practically everything... except pure chocolate.


  • Highly concentrated colour
  • Immediate colouring
  • Does not change food consistency
  • Bakestable
  • Edible*

Are Intense Color Concentrate gel colours?

No they are not gels.They have no water content .They also have a different viscosity.

What is the difference between Intense Color Concentrate and other paste food colouring?

Intense Color Concentrate are formulated to have higher pigmentation,doublestrength and extremely potent.

Are they vegan?

Our colours are 100 % Vegetarian. As a matter of fact, they are 100% Vegan.They do not contain any product derived from animals including milk and honey.They are Gluten Free,Trans-fat Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free & Egg Free. Products are FDA approved.They are also Halal Certified.

Can Intense Color Concentrate be used in baking?

They are bakestable,and can withstand high temperatures. Go ahead and use them in your favorite red velvet cakerecipe or even butter chicken!

What is the scope of application of Intense Color Concentrate?

These colours can be used in buttercream, whipped cream, ganache, cake batters, macarons, royal icing,doughs, modeling chocolate,curries, ice creams, drinks. They are extremely versatile mass colourant. They do not change the texture or food consistency.

Can they be used in colouring chocolate?

Since they do not emulsify easily,these cannot be used to colour chocolates.

Can they be used as surface colourant?

Absolutely. Mix this with our Rejuvenator OR airbrush cleanerand use it as surface colourant, as edible paints.Z

What is the best way to use these colours?

Its best to colour your dough or cream a day before and give it an overnight maturing time, to achieve extremely dark colours. They intensify and mature over time, hence a dream to work with,to create your favourite royalblue or burgundy colour. Having said that you can use it immediately too.

How do I properly store my colours?

We suggest you store your Color Concentrate in a cool,dry place ,away from direct sunlight.

How can I get the stains off my skin?

Use a scrub and handwash to clear the colour off your skin, It is advisable to use gloves if you are trying to achieve extremely deep colours. Dish washing soap can be used too.

What is the shelf life?

Its 2 years from date of manufacturing.