Products by Poonam Maria Prem was founded in order to meet the growing requirement of cake artist, looking out for coveted products that would make baking and cake decorating manageable. Putting the experience with cake decorating to test, these products are carefully formulated and curated, to bring onto desk an experience, that I am immensely proud of. I hope you will love these products, given their versatility and quality, equally as we do.

Intense Color Concentrate is a collaborative effort between Poonam Maria Prem and Sugarin, in a quest to bring you superior quality food colorants, which are true to its name "INTENSE". These are double strength, potent, so a little will go a long way. Following our analysis of food colours already available on the market, we wanted to offer something different, something better and something edible. It has been formulated keeping in mind, versatility. You could use this to color varied mediums-Fondant, Frostings, Cake Batters, Ice Creams, The List is Endless. You could directly use them, or in conjuction with Rejuvenator/Vodka/High Grain Alcohol to create your own edible paints.